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285 Days Later..

Before I get started on this, my first ever blog post, I’d like to firstly welcome you to my new website and thank every single person that has supported me over the last 12 months. In particular, my girlfriend, Katie. Without her nagging support I would never have found the courage to return to performing after a break of over 3 years and I certainly wouldn’t be writing this today.

One of my biggest regrets in life is taking such a long break from music. Unfortunately, life got in the way and I needed to focus the vast majority of my time on my day job – But now here we are, almost 12 months since that first open-mic night and exactly 285 days since my first gig in over 3 years – I’ve now left that horrendous job and I’m now in a position where I’m working as hard as I can to make music my full time career and I’m absolutely loving every second of it!

The last 12 months have been a complete whirlwind. Since that extremely nerve-wracking open-mic night at The Oyster Catcher in Anglesey last July, I’ve played at over 40 gigs across the North-West of England and Wales and at almost every kind of event I can imagine – Pubs, Bars, Hotels, Weddings, Retirement Parties, Birthday Parties, Beach Parties, Christmas Parties, Charity Events, Festivals… and things are only getting busier! I’m really passionate about everything I’m doing and the hard work really pays off every time somebody thanks me for making their night. Having the ability to spread happiness and enjoyment really is priceless.

So, what’s next?! I have 3 main goals for the remainder of the year…

1. Firstly I’d really love to be playing at more weddings. There’s something incredibly special about being such a huge part of someone’s special day and it really is an honour. I have a few more weddings booked in throughout the year (including one this weekend!) plus several bookings for 2020, but I’d really love to make weddings my primary area of work. I can’t think of anything better than spending my days preparing and playing music for people on what is such an important day in their lives.

2. Secondly, I need to start writing some more of my own music and getting some of that ‘out there’. I haven’t written properly for years and playing my own music to people is something I’d really like to do more of. I’d love to write the kind of music that people can really relate to and that may even have an impact on their lives.

3. Last of all, I want to spread my wings a bit and play music in some new and unfamiliar places. For those of you that don’t know me, another huge passion of mine is travelling and in particular travelling in my campervan. I think it’s time to start taking my guitar on the road with me.

Aside from all this I’m also planning on blogging weekly and also increasing the amount of content I put out on my social media and YouTube so please, if you haven’t already, subscribe to and follow my social media accounts linked below and hopefully there’ll be lots more to come!

I’ve got a busy weekend ahead – Playing at a bar on Friday, a wedding on Saturday and a Food Festival on Sunday…I’ll let you know how it all goes next week!

All the best,


The Anchor - The place where I played my first gig in over 3 years, 285 days ago!

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